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A Different Kind of Law Firm

Valuable Does Not Mean Expensive . . . and Expensive Does Not Mean Valuable

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Brian R. DeHem

Brian brings over 10 years of experience in strategic litigation and transforming legal departments by merging business,  compliance, and legal objectives to increase revenue and mitigate risk. He understands the pressures legal departments and businesses face because he has been there, and he has successfully created revenue generating mechanisms and cost-efficient legal procedures that fundamentally change the way legal services are valued. With alternative fee arrangements tailored to the specific business or litigation and an in-depth understanding of your processes, legal services should boost your business, not drain it.

An accomplished litigator, Brian is known for his forceful arguments and tactical litigation strategy. He has represented companies ranging from local family-owned to national billion-dollar enterprises. Like any other asset or liability, litigation can and must be accurately valued, so business leaders can make appropriate decisions based upon facts. By doing so, Brian has objective success in transforming litigation and legal services from a devastating drain on businesses into a powerful asset.

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•2009, Indiana


• Indiana University Maurer School of Law

• University of Arkansas, Business

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