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A Homeowners Association or "HOA" is a business entity.  Unfortunately, all too often, it is not managed like one, and Indiana has some of the fewest protections for HOAs and homeowners. As a result, an entire industry dedicated to the mismanagement of HOAs has emerged in the state.

Property Management Companies routinely convince communities to turn over management duties and governing control to them. In turn, these companies churn a profit from fines, fees, and litigation against homeowners without providing any real value for the community.  


This is a Nightmare for homeowners and board     

members alike. Homeowners can be liable for thousands in fines and may even lose their home. If you're a board member, you could be turning over your community to those who have no real vested interest and risking thousands in fiduciary liability.


Independent Legal Representation dedicated to Homeowner Rights and proper procedure ensures that your community receives the highest value and protection – and remains Your Home.

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