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Alternative Fee Structures

Legal Services Should be an Asset, Not Merely an Expense


Defined Value

Cost Control

Risk Shifting


Expense Caps

Risk and Fee Shifting structures can make the difference between skyrocketing expenses and lean success. While businesses strive to provide better service at a lower cost, law firms stagnate in the past and remain beholden to the billable hour – charging You for each minute, regardless of whether you receive any value in return.  Most often, you'll never know how much you'll pay or the value of what you've received in return, until after an invoice is due. 

More than a Billable Hour. DeHem Law, LLC uses cost caps, outcome-based transitioning fees, flat

All Legal Services Are Not Worth the Same, so why would you pay the same hourly rate for every single project?  No other industry in today's market would operate like that and survive. Each expense should be justified by the value your business receives in return.    

Business Meeting

fees, and many other Alternative Fee Structures tailored to Your business model, so you know the cost and value BEFORE you make a decision. Risks are precisely defined. Answers are direct. 




No cost business evaluation



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