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A Strategic Value-Based Approach to litigation ensures that you don't "chase after a dime, just to let dollars fall out of your pocket". Hiring a law firm and incurring significant legal fees merely to investigate what your case is worth almost ensures that you will be stuck in a lose-lose scenario.  Worse yet, most attorneys have never been in business and do not have the practical skills to provide verifiable data regarding the true value of a claim.       

How You Define "Winning" is crucial to successful business litigation. You may convince a court to award you a judgment or dismiss a case against you. But, if you spend more money than what the lawsuit is actually worth, you're not really "winning". Every lawsuit should be precisely valued like any other asset or liability, so you can make the right decision and actually win.      


Black Chess Pieces

DeHem Law, LLC has proven success in accurately valuing lawsuits, significantly reducing attorney fees,    

and aggressive litigation – when it actually leads to real "winning". Your case needs an early case assessment report immediately, so you know what it is worth and what your endgame should be. DeHem Law, LLC strategically positions your case in order to maximize your value.




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